3D Architectured Materials, Limitless !

Combining additive manufacturing
and surface engineering,

we develop and produce metamaterials

  • Design freedom

    Development of customized, lightweight solutions with complex geometries and multi-scale architectures.

  • Enhanced performance

    Addition of properties and combinations of antagonistic features in a single object.

  • Eco-responsibility

    Development of sustainable and recyclable products, eco-designed with life-cycle analyses.

Exceed material performance

Tailored and integrated solutions

Industrial Filtration
  • 3D printed porous metals
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Filtration performance controlled by porosity architecture
  • Addition of functionalities through surface treatment (virucidal, catalytic, hydrophobic, etc.)
Absorption & Heat Exchange
  • Lattice structures for shock absorption
  • Integrated metal foam heat exchangers
  • Mastering mechanical behavior
  • Excellent reproducibility and repeatability
  • Sensor integration in lattice structures
Low-Carbon Energies
  • Membranes for the hydrogen industry
  • Architectured bipolar plates
  • Heat storage systems
  • Efficiency
  • Recyclability


Video credit : French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Industrial sectors

  • Nuclear

  • Transportation

  • Defense

  • Hydrogen

  • Gas treatment

  • Effluent treatment

  • Industrial maintenance

  • Food industry

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Strong arguments


Materials with controlled porosity and improved specific properties, through design and functionalization.

Quality and traceability

Monitoring and control of the entire value chain, from raw material to final product, including layer-by-layer manufacturing.

Responsiveness & lead times

Development of customized technical solutions and rapid production thanks to the agility of 3D printing and surface engineering processes.


Eco-design approach, product life-cycle analysis and responsible production using recycled or abundant materials, and strategically functionalized materials mitigating the use of noble or critical materials.

AM3L is spin-off from CEA

AM3L is a start-up that has emerged from 10 years of research on advanced materials and processes at the CEA, the French leader in innovation and research in the fields of energy and new technologies. 
Our innovation and products are based on a portfolio of 15 patents, and we continue to develop new R&D projects with the CEA.


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