About us


AM3L is a French startup created in 2023, spin-off from the CEA research laboratories. Based on its expertise in innovative materials and processes, AM3L designs, develops and commercializes tailored solutions with 3D architectured materials.

Our vision

At AM3L, we aim to transform the way we produce through new, leaner and more agile process technologies. Our vision is to accelerate the transition towards the Industry 4.0 and a circular economy. Additive manufacturing and surface treatments are at the heart of this change, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.

The future lies in customized production, reduced material waste, and unprecedented agility to meet complex and sustainable material needs. We intend to shape a new era of manufacturing, more respectful of the environment and more suited to rapidly evolving markets.

Our mission

AM3L designs and develops customized 3D materials with enhanced specific properties. These developments are part of an eco-responsible approach, assisted by life-cycle analyses and promoting a circular economy with lightweight, durable and recyclable materials.

As trusted partner, we adapt to our customers’ needs by developing products that can be integrated into existing systems. We believe in innovation and agility to meet changing market needs, while contributing to a future where customization, sustainability and efficiency are the pillars of modern manufacturing.


AM3L’s strength lies in our dedicated and multidisciplinary team. The executive team combines research expertise with a passion for innovation and technology. Our two co-founders, both from CEA Paris-Saclay, bring complementary backgrounds and experience to the company, shaping its vision and mission.

Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder & CTO