Absorption & Heat Exchange

Lattice structures for new shock absorber solutions with controlled, repeatable mechanical properties, for heat storage or heat exchange.

Our lattice structures are designed to offer a unique combination of mechanical and thermal properties. Thanks to a wide range of geometries and precise design control, we can create lightweight structures that respond to shock absorption or heat transfer challenges.

Shock absorbers

Our shock-absorbing solutions are custom-developed 3D metallic architectured materials with well-defined and controlled properties. These products offer numerous advantages:

  • Controlled energy absorption, thanks to the wide compression range of our metamaterials, guaranteeing a controlled level of stress.
  • Possibility of adapting mechanical compression performance to meet strength and energy absorption requirements.
  • Axial compression of the structures without lateral expansion, preventing any perforation of the shell containing the shock absorbers.
  • Excellent repeatability of shock absorbers mechanical behavior.
  • Tailored manufacturing, using 3D printing to create shock absorbers with dimensions adapted to each application, with cell sizes and geometric precision unreachable otherwise.
  • Enhanced durability with metal shock absorbers resistant to aggressive and corrosive environments.
  • Sensors integration can be achieved into the lattice structures for in-situ monitoring of the material.

Heat storage and heat exchangers

Our metal lattice structures also offer efficient means of heat transfer and storage. These innovative devices are designed to facilitate efficient heat transfer in a variety of industrial applications. Key benefits of these products are as follows:

  • Large heat exchange surface thanks to the porous structure of the metal foam.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, optimizing heat transfer.
  • Reduced weight and space of our architectured heat exchangers thanks to precise control of porosity networks through additive manufacturing.
  • High mechanical strength for demanding, high-pressure industrial environments.
  • Durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Customized design to suit your specific needs.

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