Industrial Filtration

Filtration media and materials, with adjustable geometries and properties, simple or multifunctional.

Our filtration media are custom-designed to meet a variety of industrial needs. They are adaptable in terms of geometry and properties, whether simple or multifunctional. This versatility enables them to be used in a wide range of sectors, from air and water purification to separation in industrial processes.

3D Printed Porous Materials

Integrated solutions

The design freedom offered by additive manufacturing enables the production of complex filters, combining porous material with dense zones in a single object, and facilitating integration into your existing devices.

Filtration performance

Porosity architecture, with controlled pore size and orientation, provides filters with very low and adjustable pressure drop.


The addition of properties by surface treatment makes it possible to obtain multifunctional filters with multiple, complex characteristics (addition of protective, virucidal, catalytic, hydrophobic, hydrophilic functions, etc.).

Development of your custom filtration solution

Contact us to design and develop filtration products tailored to your needs!